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Principle of Accounts

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Why Learning POA?

  • The POA syllabus is getting easier, many complex chapters have been removed.

  • The types of questions tested in exam are rather structured. Students can easily master them with understanding and practices. 

  • POA outlines the basic foundation of financial accounting, thus, it is useful for the future study and work of a student.

Who should study POA?

  • For those who want to pursue a business or finance related qualification, POA is the requisite and basic foundation.

  • For those who are not able to do well in A-Maths, POA is much easier to score. Thus, it can be used to substitute the undesired A-Maths score. 

  • For those who wants to take an additional subject to safeguard the overall result, POA is definitely a safer bet!

How to do well for POA?

  • Build a solid foundation by understanding the accounting terminologies and principles such as double entry.

  • Don't be panic if you can't get your balance sheet balanced. Double check each entry to ensure they are on the correct side. This will help you maximize your mark for this type of questions

  • Do not ignore explanatory questions! They are the meant for bonus marks.



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